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Attract your audience.

Get more sales.

Why Videos?

Why you need to focus on video marketing in 2018

Have you ever struggled to communicate your company’s value proposition with clarity?

Would you like to be able to engage your audience effectively… and humanize your brand at the same time?

Does your brand story fail to give your potential customers – the people who should be most excited about your products and services – a compelling reason to buy?

Consider the following stats:


That’s how much more likely website visitors are to buy a product after watching a video.


48% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in the next year.


Almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

4 in 5
consumers believe that demo videos are helpful. Shoppers who view video are 1.81X more likely to purchase than non-viewers.

The bottom line:

Video is powerful, it’s personal, and it communicates in a way that no website, advertisement, or brochure could ever do. Video gives your company a voice, a chance to be funny, to be serious, and to let your customers see who you really are regardless of the industry you serve.

Videos increase the average time spent on websites and most importantly increase conversions by 20% on average.

But not any video can do this.

A successful video is one that:

1) Is tailored for your audience so that it speaks to them in a meaningful way

2) Conveys your product’s strongest benefits and features so that viewers understand WHY what you’re offering is important for them

3) Keeps viewers engaged and wanting to learn more

Our simple formula: powerful message + excellent creative = video marketing success

Watch some of our videos to see for yourself:

Video changes lives.

It has the power to entertain, educate and drive action. You’re either harnessing this power to grow your company…

…Or your competition is doing it, stealing your clients while you’re stuck to the old ways of online marketing.

My name is Dimi and I worked 3.5 years for a thriving company which used video exclusively as their sole marketing tool. One day an idea came to me – why not help other businesses take advantage of the power of video?

This is how Purrfect Video was born with the mission to help selected business owners grow their business by using video to communicate their ideas.

We’re a small team of curious professionals. We’re curious about your business, your audience and what connects those two. We strive to understand both. Out of that understanding we create videos that have deep meaning to the people you want to reach…

…videos which get you the results you’re after.


Dimitar Tsonev


Our Clients

Just a few of our happy clients:

“Excellent experience all the way around in working with Dimi to create an animated video to show off one of my company’s services. Dimi was a true professional throughout the process. He and his team delivered quality work from start to finish and I was very impressed with the end product. Can definitely see myself working with him again.”

Will Sherlin

“FIVE STARS all the way around! Dimi was amazing to work with. I have had many projects with developers, graphic designers, media specialists, etc. and working with Dimi gave me a new standard of what I should expect for future projects. He made sure that every step of the project was acceptable and went above and beyond our expectations. His services will not disappoint.”

Daniel Gonzalez

“Dimi was great. I had an idea of a script that was not as effective as it could be. He listened to better understand my audience and then worked with me to create an even better script. He was also able to accommodate my tight timelines. We will definitely be working together again.”

Matthew Anderson

Field Pros Direct

“High quality video produced – much better than all my competitors. Dimitar was amazing to work with. I was especially amazed with the great script their team came up with. Highly recommend this production company.”

Harina Kapoor


“Dimi and I worked on an explainer video script together, and WOW was he amazing! I’m so impressed by his level of professionalism, and his attentive demeanor. I think Dimi is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met, and I cannot wait to hire him again. He is worth every cent, because he provides top-notch, QUALITY work, and he gets it done right the first time. Thank you for your patience with me Dimi, and the fact that I feel like you care about my brand as much as I do. You are amazing!”

Kathryn Macqueen

The Write People

“Where should I begin? No disrespect to anyone I’ve worked with before, but Dimi is the best contractor… hands down! From the very first Skype chat Dimi set himself apart by really getting to know what my goals were and became an indispensable part of my team. From the weekly Skype chats, daily email updates, and his great sense of humor and personality, the entire process was a pleasurable experience at a very fair rate. Not only did he provide what I first came to him for, he also provided so much more and helped me in more ways than his website describes. He has become much more than a contractor to me and my business. I am forever grateful that I’ve had the privilege to get to know and work with him. So if you are reading this feedback and seriously thinking about working with Dimi, do yourself a favor and stop looking…Hire him right now! I personally guarantee you will not be disappointed.”

Michael Mines

Six Pillar Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of videos do we offer?

Our main focus is 2d animated videos for companies & non-profits. We also do stock footage based videos. Whenever we work on a project, our goal is to increase the performance of our client’s business.

How much does a typical video cost?

There are many factors that influence the cost of a video such as: the video style (motion graphics, whiteboard animation, character animation or live action, etc..), the length of the video, or how quickly you need it made.

You can be sure of one thing, our videos will not be the lowest priced videos you will find but they are also far from the highest priced. Our videos are among the highest quality ones in the market and with this in mind are the best priced videos in terms of price-quality.

For an accurate estimate, get in touch and tell us more about your project.

What’s the typical process of creating a 2d animated video with us?

We take care of all phases of the video creation process:

  1. First we gather crucial information about your business, your product and your target audience. In order to do that you’ll complete a questionnaire and you’ll discuss all relevant details with us.
  2. We create a script for your video based on the information we gathered and based on the concept of the video. We use proven to work persuasion formulas when creating script.
  3. We carefully assemble a voice-over cast of artists that would fit well with your project. We send you samples of the artists.
  4. We draw the illustrations that will be used for the video. We create the storyboard. Depending on the project, we might initially do scribbled storyboard and/or mood frame.
  5. We record the narration with the selected voice-over artist.
  6. We start with the animation phase. We sync the animation with the voice-over recording. We send you a demo. We continue work until the full animation is finalized.
  7. Sound design: We add music that fits perfectly with the video. We add sound effects which will make the experience of watching the video even better.
  8. Done – your video is now complete and ready to change the world.

On each phase we get feedback from the client and we get confirmation before we proceed to the next phase.

This is the workflow for custom videos. For some types of videos which are based on existing assets, we do not do the illustrations/ storyboard phase and we start directly animating.

How long does it take?

It depends on a couple of different factors:

An awesome video takes time to produce, and we’re not willing to cut corners or sacrifice quality. On average you can expect 3-5 weeks for production time for a custom video.

Every project is unique, so the complexity will impact the time required for production. The rest depends on how quickly the client provides feedback, how many revisions are requested, and how complex the changes are.

If you have very tight deadlines, let us know. In exchange for a reasonable increase in the investment amount, we can potentially find a way to deliver faster than the above-mentioned timelines without sacrificing quality.

How do feedback and revisions work?

Creating a video requires a team effort, so your collaboration is key to producing an amazing one. At each step of the process, the client needs to provide feedback in a timely manner. We then review the feedback and if the requested changes make sense, we implement them. If, however, the client is requesting changes that we know, for certain, will decrease the quality of the video, then we ask the client to trust our judgement.

How does Purrfect Video work?

We function a little differently than the standard video production company. All of the creative direction, scriptwriting, and project management is done in-house. And we collaborate with a collective of talented illustrators, animators, voice-over artists, composers, and sound designers from around the world. Depending on the specifics of the project, we assemble a mini team tailored for what we’re creating. This setup gives us enough flexibility to provide endless range of styles and to continually produce fresh, unique creative work.

How long should my video be?

We recommend 30-120 seconds when it comes to length due to the abysmally short attention spans we have these days. This type of range allows us to keep our videos as short and succinct as possible while still conveying all of the important information. Frequently this means we can’t cover everything you might think of. But that’s fine because a video is meant to give viewers just enough details to get them interested in taking the next step (like requesting more info, signing up for a trial, etc).

What’s involved in getting started?

For starters, get in touch and let’s discuss how we could potentially help you. Once both of us have clear understanding on the project, we’ll both know if we’re a good fit to work together.

If we come to an agreement, we’ll start the process and we’ll send you a creative brief. Once you’ve completed the brief, we’ll start work on the project.

Who owns the rights to the video?

The final video is yours. You own it and can do what you please with it.

The Purrfect Video Difference

Sharp and smooth

Our videos speak the language of your audience. We craft a message that resonates with your potential customers and inspires them take action.

Beautiful designs and animation

Our team consists of amazing professionals. This allows us to create videos that are sheer pleasure to watch (and listen to).

Perfect balance of quality and investment

We always operate at the perfect intersection of quality and investment. Our videos are very reasonably priced and you get pure awesomeness for every dollar invested with us.


Submit your information and schedule a free consultation.

On the call we will create a custom video marketing strategy for your business. And we’ll find out if we’re a good fit to work together.